Get an operational BI solution at an attractive template price

Less consultancy hours – fast implementation – lower cost

We have collected the most important analyses and reports in three templates targeting each their specific business area: Purchase/Stock, Sales/Order and Finance. This enables you to extract the data basis to the core of your business in a simple, less expensive, and effective manner.

Analysepakkerne er køreklare BI-løsninger

Templates make it easy to get started using a BI solution

Our templates are based on our pre-programmed data integrations, our strong ETL engine, and a number of predefined analyses and KPIs. That gives you a complete BI solution ready for your data.

We have made all the hard work beforehand. This means that you do not have to spent valuable time and money creating the analyses from scratch. Consequently, we can execute the implementation in a few hours and you will have access to your analyses almost instantly.

The templates are suitable for you, if you want to get started safely and smoothly with business intelligence. If you need analyses not already included in the template, you can easily add them yourself. When you invest in an InfoSuite template, training is included which allows you to continue the development of your BI solution.

InfoSuite Business Intelligence
Standardiseret BI-løsning

Customised standard analyses

The templates include analyses relevant in your business area. Our selection is based on more than 30 years of experience working with BI. Records show that the analyses in the template cover app. 90% of the analyses needed. You can easily add more analyses to the template or implement yet another template.

BI-løsning med mange funktioner

Smart functions

For many years, we have constantly been improving and adapting our BI solution. InfoSuite includes a variety of useful functions, and most of the mare included in the templates, such as flexible period control, drill at lower analysis levels and easy setup of matrix, tabulations, charts and KPIs.

Enkel implementering af BI-løsning

Simple implementation

The whole idea of using templates is to make BI easily accessible. A template is therefore a standardised BI solution ready for implementation. In less than 10 days you will be operating a price-friendly BI solution that can be further build upon at any time.

Separator der adskiller indholdet

Would you like to see the templates in action?

Download our demo, where you can work with the analyses from our BI solutions.

Template for Sales/Order

The BI solution for you who want to start using a data-based optimisation of purchase & orders. The template includes, among other things a sales dashboard, detailed sales analysis, order stock, customer analysis, and seller benchmarking.

BI-løsning til salg/ordre
BI-løsning til indkøb/lager

Template for Purchase/Stock

The solution for you who wants to start using BI for Purchase & Stock. The template includes analyses such as stock trend, supplier analysis, development in prices which help you follow the day-to-day development in stock and optimise your purchase.

You will get a total overview of quality and consistency of supply from suppliers and sub-suppliers, and items and item groups can be analysed from many different angles. Hereby, you are guaranteed to always have the right stock.

Template for Finance

The template is for you who wants to optimise the financial reporting and skip the heavy parts of the financial processes. With predefined analyses and KPIs you will get a total overview of balance statement, profit and loss accounts, and cash flow.

The financial report tabulations are flexible. You create and maintain the individual tabulations, and you can easily expand the individual items and dissolve them into detailed transaction levels. Period control is dynamic, which makes it easy to compare across periods.

BI-løsning til finans

Unlimited integration of data

InfoSuite extracts, transforms, and loads basically all types of data – regardless of the data source. Our templates include integrations to the most commonly used ERP systems, including: Dynamics Nav, C5 & AX and Aspect4 as well as Lawson M3. This means that you do not have to pay for the development of expensive data integrations when investing in the InfoSuite templates.

Learn more about the InfoSuite data integration here.

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