Data-based stock management and smart purchase optimisation.

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BI creates synergy between purchase and stock

Purchase and stock are inseparable elements. When your purchase matches your stock, you are sure to have the right number of items in stock, you have overview of the stock, and you do not spend unnecessary time on stock management.

At the same time, you can avoid challenges of high stock value, dead goods in stock, increase in the number of back orders, and lacking focus on order cost.

InfoSuite Business intelligence helps use create this synergy, which requires both overview of supplier relations and management of stock as well as movements. Your historic data will provide you with the answer to consistency of supply from your suppliers to the optimal stock level of your items. These data will also help you understand the underlying factors for forecasts.

Stock overview and insight

With the InfoSuite template for Purchase/Stock, you can analyse items and item groups from a number of different perspectives. The analyses will help you with stock management, make sure you have the right stock level, and give you an overview of the rate of turnover, critical stock, and how long your stock will last.

You will also have the insight to administrate items that should be handled differently, depending on consumption pattern, seasonal fluctuations, unit value, collection-based items etc.

The template also includes supplier and purchase analyses that can be used for monitoring the development in prices, simulating renegotiations, and estimating consistency of supply.

The solution will help you to:

Seven analyses provide 360° overview

Monitor your stock and get an insight into the rate of turnover. The analysis includes smart functions for selection of items.

Get the overall view of the age of items in stock, allowing you to see which items have stalled and therefore require extra attention.

Get an instant view of the performance of your suppliers, and the order situation at each individual supplier.

Make in-depth analysis of your suppliers and simulate the significance of a renegotiation of supplier agreements.

Analyse the price development of your items over the past years and simulate the significance of changing the cost price of a single item.

Monitor your stock closely with this analysis. You can for example get an overview of stock levels, how much is in order, and how much has been received.

Make a dashboard of the most important KPIs and get an effective view of the essential measuring points for your performance.

InfoSuites analysepakke giver dit fuldt kontrol over lagerstyring

What is the InfoSuite templates?

The template makes it easy to start using Business Intelligence.

Our templates include a number of predefined analyses and KPIs, running and ready to receive your data and thus providing you with knowledge about the most important aspects of your business.

We have made data integrations and all the dull processes beforehand, so you do not have to spend time or money developing the analyses from scratch. Consequently, we can make the implementation in a few hours and let you have almost instant access to your analyses.