7 reasons why you should choose InfoSuite.

Financial consolidation of accounts can be a complex task with several manual processes.

1. InfoSuite is an all-in-one solution for budgeting, forecasts, consolidation, and Business Intelligence.

2. The short-term cash flow analysis along with the long term cash flow budget provide the total overview of the company financial flow.

3. The InfoSuite consolidation solution automates financial reporting across companies.

4. A multi-function BI solution with predefined dashboards, KPIs, and detailed reports is included in the InfoSuite package.

5. InfoSuite A/S has more than 30 years of experience with performance management. You get Danish software and direct impact on the product development.

6. As an InfoSuite customer, you get an assigned consultant who guarantees successive matching of expectations through thoroughly tested project plans.

7. InfoSuite is attractively priced on a subscription basis. The agreement comes with a complete service package included.

Consequently, you can let go of most of the existing spreadsheets, save time and resources, and assure the quality of both budgeting and reporting.

Do we need a budgeting tool? Yes.

If you want to take financial planning seriously, that is.

Even though your spreadsheets may work for many of the tasks in the financial department, they are not suitable for budgeting. A typical budgeting process is characterised by having several employees who supply input for more budgets which all must interact.

That cocktail makes it difficult to keep the budgeting process on track, as you will have to set up, update, and compare figures manually in spreadsheets, which must then be sent back and forth from one person to another in the organisation. That is the number one reason for companies to realise the need for automating the process with a dedicated budgeting tool.

How can InfoSuite help you?

InfoSuite automates the tiresome tasks related to budgeting in spreadsheets. At the same time, the tool removes the limitations that spreadsheets will cause in relation to detailed and dynamic budgeting.

That will give you two tangible benefits.

Reduce the budgeting process by 70 percent

InfoSuite is loaded with functions that guarantee quick and smooth budgeting.

You collect budgeting for the entire company on one platform, thereby avoiding juggling with dozens of spreadsheets.

You also do not have to consolidate budgets collectively. InfoSuite establishes data flows, which means that they are naturally coherent – when updating in one budget, all related budget items are automatically updated in the coherent budgets.

These are just two examples of how to facilitate your budgeting.

Turn up the financial planning for real

For many companies, the annual budgeting is no longer sufficient to guarantee financial success.

A changing world requires dynamic access to financial planning.

InfoSuite meets this requirement by making rolling budgets and forecasts an easy job. Through the integrated BI module, you can follow your business and key performance indicators closely, allowing you to adapt operations and efforts to the current situation.

Financial planning and analysis will take you one step ahead of changes and competitors.

But hey! We are only people…

who love to develop software…

It is no exaggeration when we claim that InfoSuite’s products are the result of more than 30 years of product development from our office in Herning. With InfoSuite, you invest in Danish, thoroughly tested software.

As InfoSuite is an independent software solution exclusively developed by us, you get unique opportunities in relation to participate in the short and long term development of InfoSuite.

and to help our customers

We have a team of consultants who help our customers every day making the best of InfoSuite. We solve technical challenges, set up customised budget models, and give advice about optimising processes and improving the bottom line based on data.

Our Danish team of consultants will also be the ones who implement your solution and help you with support issues.

Would you like to try InfoSuite?

Then download a free demo of our budget tool.