Template Finance: Light up your financial reporting.

The template Finance automates the financial reporting, giving you simple and effective overview of your financial status and the opportunity to analyse your business-critical financial data in detail.

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Let go of the time-consuming financial work

Financial reporting is about putting your financial data into perspective. Make it make sense, explain causes for deviation and describe what it indicates about the reality of your business.

Financial reporting is much more than just showing the present state – it will also tell you why. Therefore, financial reporting can act as a strong tool in the strategic management of the company.

There is only one problem. Financial reporting is for most companies a very time-consuming process, as the financial department must identify the context of the financial figures from data saved in a number of spreadsheets.

That is hard financial work. And that is why a BI tool such as InfoSuite makes good use, as it is designed to create coherence in the financial data.

Instant overview and optimal insight

InfoSuite will automatically prepare and update your balance statements, profit and loss accounts after entry, which gives you an up-to-date and precise overview of the financial status of the company.

At the same time, you will have the best opportunities to make in-depth analysis of the financial figures. The BI tool links all your financial data, and functions such as dynamic period control let you make comparison across period.

Budget follow-up and monitoring of financial KPI’s allow you to identify the strategic priorities of the company. Conversion of currency, calculations of KPIs, and group consolidation is executed automatically.

This makes InfoSuite a need-to-have tool in the strategic management of your business.

Eight analyses give you 360° overview

Get the total overview of your financial state with the profit and loss accounts in InfoSuite. The financial figures are available in group, company and transaction currency, and you can create and maintain the flexible tabulations for each analysis yourself.

Get the total view of the profit performance of your companies, divisions, or departments. That is an effective way of showing the cost-effectiveness of the departments side-by-side, and you get an instant indication of the departments contributing the most to the profit performance.

The balance sheet gives you an overview of all asset and liability accounts and thus an indication of the current status of the company. Changes to the profit and loss accounts are reflected in the balance sheet – directly or indirectly, depending on credit time on the account.
CCC is rate of turnover (in days) on debtors and stocks deducted rate of turnover on creditors. The KPI shows the ability of the company to generate cash-flow and indicates the ability of the management to ensure effective processes for invoicing and debtor management.
The analysis shows the difference between the expected debtor payments and outgoing payments to creditors – and the net effect of this. It gives you an insight into the short-term liquidity, which can be used for monitoring of primary in- and outgoing payments and for an overview of the short-term liquidity needed.
The currency flow shows expected in- and outgoing payments from customers and to creditors – in currency. You will have a perfect overview of the expected currency holding, and when to buy or sell currency. Especially valuable to companies based on both import and export activities.
The debtor analysis is an essential tool for the finance department. It monitors the balance of the customers, amounts fallen due, and credit max in relation to the orders recorded. Furthermore, you get an instant overview of the average payment time and payment delays of the customers.
The creditor analysis will show all creditors and creditor balances; including trends, average credit time and creditors with outstanding amounts falling due in the near future. The analysis will also show you the liquid funds required at specific times.
Finansiel rapportering i InfoSuite

What is the InfoSuite template?

The template makes it easy to start using business intelligence.

Our templates include a number of predefined analyses and KPIs, running and ready to receive your data and thus providing you with knowledge about the most important aspects of your business.

We have made data integrations and all the dull processes beforehand, so you do not have to spend time or money developing the analyses from scratch. Consequently, we can make the implementation in a few hours and let you have almost instant access to your analyses.