Automate your budgeting, forecasting and planning

InfoSuite removes all the typical challenges of the time-consuming and manual work in spreadsheets, and creates a higher synergy between your budgeting, forecasting, and planning.


InfoSuite automates entry and merger of your budgets, and it presents intelligent budget proposals based on current data. The budgeting process becomes streamlined, allowing you to save time on manual work in spreadsheets. Your budgets also become more precise, which enables you to use them in the strategic management of your business.


InfoSuite’s databased tool automatically updates your forecasts with fresh data, providing you with the best conditions to predict the future.

Rolling forecasts are easily defined, and you get an instant indication of how the future will look. No need to spend time on set-up and maintenance of spreadsheets.


With InfoSuite you can switch focus from the annual, static budgeting to a running and dynamic planning – which makes your business way more agile.

When you work with FP&A, operation and activities are always based on actual and current information about the company and the market. This will give you an advantage when it comes to being ahead of changes and your competitors.

Create improved context with integrated budgeting

InfoSuite supports all types of budgets – from profit budget to sales forecast – and turns it into a coherent process.

InfoSuite makes it easy to enter a detailed sales budget that helps you and your sales team in the search of growth and provides a good overview of expected income.

In InfoSuite your profit budget is updated automatically. It is naturally coherent with your sub-budgets which ensures a quick and flawless process.

With the InfoSuite cash flow management module you get a unique tool to monitor and predict the development in your company cash flow.

With InfoSuite you can calculate depreciation of assets that are automatically included in the profit and loss budget. You can add new investments and indicate depreciation rules that are typically dependent on the service life of the individual investment.

With InfoSuite you have the complete overview of payroll costs, and changes made in the payroll budget will be updated automatically to the profit and loss budget.

You can easily add new employees to your payroll budget, and all induced amounts, such as pension and holiday allowance etc., can easily be defined. You only have to budget on net salary, and the ABC allocation rules in InfoSuite will automatically make the calculation of the remaining amounts.

InfoSuite comes with an integrated ”What if” function. This function can be used anytime you wish to see the impact of specific changes to different areas.

For example, you can use the function to show what will happen, if you do not keep your budget, if a seller does not reach the goals set, or if you expect a rise or fall in your costs. In this case it is relevant to see how these changes will affect the related areas and the business as a hole.

Et billede der viser de mange forskellige budgetter man kan lægge med InfoSuite

From annual budgeting to data-driven planning

A data-driven budgeting tool will lift your simple budgeting to strategic planning.

Et billede der viser en modenhedsskala indenfor budgettering.

Should you invest in a dedicated tool for budgeting and forecasting?

There may be many reasons for investing in a budgeting and forecasting tool, but when is the right time? Three good reasons for investigating the opportunities of a tool is if your budgeting process is immense, incorrect, and extremely time-consuming.

If you want to learn more about whether you and your company needs a dedicated tool, you can take our test, and see if a tool like InfoSuite would be profitable for you.

Forecasting in InfoSuite makes you wiser about the future – no hocus pocus

Improved data with InfoSuite

It takes accurate and valid data to make precise forecasts on which you can base your business and decisions.

That is not easy to do in a spreadsheet. Data become obsolete instantly, and it is difficult to set up rolling forecasts that need monthly updating when you operate with many item numbers and large fluctuations.

InfoSuite’s databased budgeting tool automatically updates your forecasts with fresh, valid data from all relevant data sources, providing you with the best position to predict the future.

Forecasts for the entire business

In InfoSuite you can work with forecasting for any given business area, including cash flow, sales, and production. The tool collects data from all data sources, giving you a precise view of the present in order to predict the future.

At the same time, you can collect the insights in a financial forecast that will give you an idea of the financial direction of the business. You will have the overall insight for strategic decisions, and the detailed understanding for planning concrete efforts and activities and working with Corporate Performance Management.

Stay ahead of the future with rolling forecasting

Any company can operate with rolling forecasts. But for companies operating in fluctuating markets, it is particularly obvious. With rolling forecasting, you continuously get an up-to-date view of the future, enabling you to run your business with due diligence.

In InfoSuite, it is easy to set up rolling forecasts that are automatically updated with fresh data. That allows you to focus on analysis and planning instead of set-up and maintenance of spreadsheets.

Typical challenges of budgeting, forecasting, and planning in spreadsheets

Set Up

Complex and immense

Only a few understand formulas, macros, and calculations

No documentation of prerequisites

Replacement of staff results in loss of knowledge


Impossible to go into detail

Difficult to switch between total and in period

Too heavy to decentralise

Handling of rolling forecasts

Hard to prognosticate and simulate


Collection of individual budget entries is timeconsuming

Reconciliation of budgets takes manual control and entry


Budget follow-up is seperate and not automatic

Dependent on integration to reporting in spreadsheets, ERP, or BI solution

Current sharing of reporting in relation to budget achievement is challenging

All questions are good questions

There are many different types of budgets. The most important ones are the establishment budget, investment budget, profit and loss budget, balance sheet budget, and the cash flow budget.
The price of a budgeting tool such as InfoSuite includes your subscription agreement and consultancy services. Learn more about how we set the price here.

A budgeting tool is used for improving and automating the budgeting process to make it easier and faster. This will allow you to save time and resources, and you can let go of the manual and time-consuming task.

Forecasting means predicting what you expect to achieve.

Strategical forecasting is the study of long-term overall trends in order to achieve market benefits.

As companies are exposed to stronger competition, the need for forecasts and the ability to look into the future rises. Consequently, companies must be prepared for change to survive and thrive.