InfoSuite integrates with all data sources.

Financial consolidation of accounts can be a complex task with several manual processes. 

The key to data-based software

Data integration plays an important part in any business intelligence or budgeting solution. It is a crucial factor for everything coming together and giving you the total overview of your business data.

However, data integration is also a hidden, technical process, which is why it may be difficult to recognise the importance of this factor in your next solution. Integration of data is essential for which data can be collected and analysed by the system.

At InfoSuite we have been developing our data integration for more than 30 years. Therefore, we are confident to say that we offer a very strong and all-inclusive solution.

Data integration without limits

Both InfoSuite Business Intelligence and InfoSuite Budget run on all platforms and collect data from practically any data source.

Basically, there are no limits as to where data can be collected: ERP systems, CRM systems, POS systems, telephone systems, SRO systems, payroll systems and many more. InfoSuite was originally developed for IBM AS/400 and therefore also runs natively on the Power i platform. Consequently, we are also familiar with collecting data from ERP systems, such as Aspect4, Lawson M3 and ASW.

Based on our ETL engine, we have made a number of templates in order to simplify implementation. Hereby, we can easily and automatically collect and process data from for example Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX and IBM Power i.

Predefined templates for your ERP system

Our powerful ETL engine for Dynamics Nav, C5 & AX as well as Aspect4 and Lawson M3 makes it quick and easy for you to get a safe start with InfoSuite BI and InfoSuite Budget.

Loaded with predefined extracts, calculations, KPIs, dimensions, and analyses, the implementation of InfoSuite in your company is simplified – and less expensive.

Instead of wasting time creating reports and analyses in different business areas from scratch, you can focus on the initiatives and goals that enhances your strategy and performance.

To make it even easier for you to get started, you can pick the exact template that matches your company requirements.

Forskellige søjler med ERP-systemer

InfoSuite for IBM Power i

InfoSuite was originally developed for IBM AS/400 and therefore runs natively on the Power i platform. No other BI solution in the market offers the same amount of facilities for Power i as InfoSuite. InfoSuite for Power i is not only a tool for development of applications, but also a native BI tool with a graphic interface.

Optional platform and operating system

InfoSuite can be installed on all types of platforms and databases, and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and IBM i. There are thus no technical limitations to your potential with InfoSuite.

Just find the best platform based on IT strategy, amount of data, number of users, and performance in relation to finance and options.

InfoSuite fits into your existing platform, allowing existing resources and qualifications to be exploited in a familiar environment.

The ETL engine is the driver behind InfoSuite

Our ETL engine allows you to get started with a BI or a budget solution easily, quickly and less expensive. At the same time, it is more powerful than almost any other ETL engine in the market.

The ETL engine drives your InfoSuite solutionquick and smooth

The ETL engine is the link between your data sources and InfoSuite. It is the driver ensuring that InfoSuite can provide you with analyses, reports, and visualisations with valid data from different sources.

ETL is short for extract, transform and load. ETL allows companies to collect data from different data sources, transform it into real insights, and finally, to load it to a central data warehouse from where the BI tool presents the valuable insights.

And that is an essential factor for modern companies today, which possess data from a large amount of data sources. The most important job of the ETL engine is therefore to uniform and collect your data and allow you to get a total overview and synergy across your business.

Let go of the hard (and expensive) preliminary work

Usually, when investing in a BI or a data-based budget solution, the development of ETL will account for a large part of the investment. It is a massive task; you or your IT consultant must identify all data sources and code the transformation of data into your data warehouse.

With InfoSuite, you beat this challenge. We have created our own ETL engine which standardises the process of transforming your data. Consequently, we are able to – immediately after installation of InfoSuite – transform data from most data sources into operational analyses and reports – completely without manual programming.

That makes your BI or budget solution less expensive and installation of InfoSuite becomes much smoother, as 80% of the implementation job has already been made.

Here you go! This preliminary work is included for free with the InfoSuite ETL engine

ETL indsamler data fra mange datakilder

Extract: We extract data automatically

Based on our pre-defined data integrations, the ETL engine automatically extracts data from ERP systems, such as Dynamics Nav, C5 & AX and Aspect4 as well as Lawson M3. In addition to this, it accesses data from a number of other data sources, including CRM systems, POS systems, telephone systems, payroll systems etc.

Furthermore, the ETL engine is equipped with variable SQLs. This means that we can process data as soon as InfoSuite has been installed, without noticeable.

Transform: Standard transformation guarantees endless analysis opportunities

The InfoSuite ETL engine is packed with elements that not only automates the process of transforming data, but also guarantees a large number of functions, including:

  • Standardised DSA tables with uniform naming and data categorisation
  • Structural updates, allowing you to add business specific master data
  • Company table, in which data from more companies can be created and added
  • Amount fields, predefined in various currencies
  • Exchange rate table, enabling automatic conversion of financial statements into group currency
  • Management of country codes, language codes etc.
  • Update of period dimensions, giving you the optimal basis for detail controlling
  • Intercompany, management of intercompany transactions
  • Budget models, which makes integration of budgeting in your BI solution very simple
Et billede, der viser Transform i InfoSuite
Et billede, der viser Load i InfoSuite

Load: Safe and smooth upload to the InfoSuite client

The third function of the ETL engine is to load the transformed data into your BI or budget tool.

Through predefined, business-oriented fact models, such as finance, sales, stock, and purchase, the ETL engine guarantees that data are loaded correctly and with no errors to the InfoSuite client. They can now be included in predefined analyses and dashboards, which naturally are adapted to the specific company requirements.

Can I implement the ETL engine?

For now, we have operational ETL solutions for the most common ERP systems, such as Dynamics Nav, C5 & AX and Aspect4 as well as M3. You can still have InfoSuite even if you have a different ERP system. By means of our ETL engine and defined DSA tables, we can establish an integration that helps you get started using InfoSuite.

Do you have questions for ETL? Or are you uncertain how our ETL engine fits your requirements? Then please do not hesitate one of our partners.