FP&A in InfoSuite: Conduct your business in accordance with the outside world.


Financial consolidation of accounts can be a complex task with several manual processes.

Free the financial team with FP&A in InfoSuite

Unreleased potential lays in the finance function of many companies. The financial staff are way too often limited to view the business in retrospect.

However, the financial function can contribute with much more than just the understanding of the figures – using their knowledge and skills they can be part of improving them throughout the entire organisation.

It takes a change in the priority of time and effort, less time in spreadsheets and more time as a sounding board for the colleagues. Less focus on yesterday’s data and more focus on planning ahead.

Make change your business advantage

With FP&A your focus switches from annual, statistical budgeting, to a rolling and more dynamic planning.

That makes business way more agile, as operation and activities are based on actual knowledge of the company and the market.

Rolling budgets are easily made based on recent data. Through forecasting you gain information about the future. And production, planning, and focus areas are successively adjusted based on real-time data.

Data-driven planning in InfoSuite

Beyond Budgeting, Corporate Performance Management and XP&A.

There are many ways of discussing the extension of the traditional budgeting. At InfoSuite we typically call it data-driven planning, as InfoSuite helps you activate data throughout the entire planning process, allowing you to optimise operations and implement activities on a factual basis.

Data-driven planning in InfoSuite

From us to you. Free FP&A guide.

We have collected everything you need to know about FP&A. Get it here.

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    One step ahead with prognoses & forecasts

    The clever forecasting functions in InfoSuite provide access to historic, current, and statistical data on which you can base your predictions. And that is of great value when planning the next step.

    You can plan production based on valid sales forecasts or have precise insights into the company’s future financial status through financial forecasts.

    InfoSuite makes working with rolling forecasts an easy job and you can integrate algorithms that automatically calculates proposals based on trends and historic data.

    Analyse business and plan focus areas

    Strategic goals are reflected in the budgets, and future expectations are presented in forecasts. Now, it is time to plan how to make the most of your business.

    For that purpose, you will need valid insight. InfoSuite has an integrated BI tool that allows you to analyse the business from all angles. Through dashboards and analyses you will be able to find gaps, visualise blind angles and analyse possible scenarios, enabling you to reduce operation costs and realise growth opportunities.

    The BI tool is always included when investing in InfoSuite. Feel free to use it if you do not already have a well-functioning BI solution.

    Share plans and reports, and get real-time data insight

    The entire idea of data-driven approach to FP&A is to react on data insights. Successive budget follow-up and reporting are essential for that purpose.

    That is also the reason why InfoSuite includes both dashboards and clever distribution functions that will keep you and the rest of the organisation updated with recent reports, analyses, and key performance indicators.

    Learn more about the options for reporting and budget follow-up.