Template Sales/Order: Data-driven sales optimisation.

The Sales/Order template is a BI solution updating you on sales figures, ensuring overview of orders, and helping you with sales optimisation, enabling you to generate growth through long relations to profitable customers.

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BI leads the way to growth in sales

There is great expectation to you as a sales manager and to your department. No sales, no chances of growth in the company.

It requires hundreds of hours with close customer contact to reach the ambitious sales goals. But it may be difficult to find the time for it. Working in sales includes a number of slow planning processes in your CRM system, endless follow-up on customers who are neither interested, nor profitable, and lacking overview of who sells what and which orders have been received.

Wording with Business Intelligence therefore makes sense. A BI tool gives you data-driven optimisation of sales and knowledge of where to focus your efforts. Furthermore, you reduce the number of manual tasks, releasing time to spend on customers instead.

Focus and overview with InfoSuite

The InfoSuite BI solution for sales/order provides an operational BI solution assisting you to analyse and optimise all parts of the sales department processes.

Based on historic data and valid sales forecasts, you can analyse your efforts from a number of different perspectives; product, customer group, sales district, sales team and seller. You can work with sales optimisation by identifying wholes, keep track of total performance and help individual sellers to succeed.

Analysis on customer and customer segments allows you to identify the most profitable customers and areas for potential add-ons. You will have analyses and KPIs for control of order stock, order flow, and delivery times, ensuring a long and profitable relation with your customers.

The solution will help you to:

Eight analyses provide 360° overview

Get a total view of the current order stock of individual items, what has been invoiced and how well do you maintain consistency of supply.

The management dashboard provides an overall view of the most important KPIs for sellers, products, and customers.

Make in-depth analyses of the performance of individual sellers in relation to the goals set, and identify deviation in time.

Compare the performance of the individual seller based on a number of KPIs such as turnover and contribution margin.

Visualisation of forecast turnover month by month in relation to the budget.

Get a detailed view of your ability to supply, delayed deliveries, and average delivery days, and discover the underlying reasons for deviations.

This analysis shows you the most profitable customers for your business, enabling your to focus your efforts.

Analyse your products from a number of different perspectives – which are the top-sellers, which provide the highest profit, how is the trend in turnover etc.

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Optimising sales at Haribo

In the sales department of Haribo, InfoSuite is used for detecting deviations in sales and for evaluating whether specific customers require extra attention. At the same time, customers are updated with information about the trend in their purchase of Haribo products.

”We use InfoSuite a lot in relation to sales. That allows us to analyse sales figures from a number of different perspectives”, says Anders Bloch, IT manager at Haribo.

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What is the InfoSuite template?

The template makes it easy to start using Business Intelligence.

Our templates include a number of predefined analyses and KPIs, running and ready to receive your data and thus providing you with knowledge about the most important aspects of your business.

We have made data integrations and all the dull processes beforehand, so you do not have to spend time or money developing the analyses from scratch. Consequently, we can make the implementation in a few hours and let you have almost instant access to your analyses.