Kosan Gas uses InfoSuite for customer analysis.

“In InfoSuite, we have a total view of our different costs.”

Kosan Gas uses InfoSuite for customer analysis – which customers provide the required profit, and which do not?

Kosan Gas also uses InfoSuite Budget for entry of sales budgets, which has facilitated the process significantly.

In-depth customer analyses

The sales organization at Kosan Gas is divided spread over four countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and occupies 10-15 sales representatives. The implementation of InfoSuite BI has had a huge impact on the sales process:

We used to work on an assumption about our customer profit, but there were a number of unknown quantities that were not always included. With InfoSuite everything is now included in our analysis of the customers – sales figures, costs, distribution etc.”, Systems Consultant at Kosan Gas, Steffen Kaa, explains.

According to Steffen Kaa, the thorough analysis opportunities in InfoSuite have provided the sellers with a valuable knowledge about their customers:

”InfoSuite shows us the customers with the lowest profit, and we are now able to make a thorough analysis of why, which is incredibly important to us. This brings clarity and transparency to our business, and it provides us with the information about our actual profit on each customer”.

Case - Carlsen Fritzøe Handel

Overview of all costs

At Kosan Gas, InfoSuite also acts as a shortcut to information about the company’s costs:

“In InfoSuite, we have a total view of our different costs. Earlier, we had print lists once a month, but now we have an overview with daily updated data of all costs accessible in InfoSuite.”

Entry of sales budgets in InfoSuite

InfoSuite Budget is used for entry of sales budgets at Kosan Gas.

Earlier, we used to base our budgeting on spreadsheets or printed lists that were distributed across the organisation. Once the sales representatives had entered their budgets, the lists were returned and adjusted again. So budgets were often sent back and forth several times, which made it a very slow process.”

With InfoSuite our budgeting process is now much faster. As soon as I open the budget entry, the sellers can make their individual budgets. That has indeed made budgeting very effective”.

About Kosan Gas

Kosan Gas is one of the leading suppliers of volume gas tanks in the Nordic countries. In Denmark, the company is also market leader of gas in cylinders. For more than 80 years, Kosan Gas has supplied gas to companies as well as private consumers – earlier also under the names BP Gas and Shell Gas.

Kosan Gas has more than 1,500 distributors of gas in cylinders in Denmark, and offers fast and reliable supply of gas to more than 5,000 Nordic business and industry customers, as well as private consumers.

Kosan Gas is owned by the American energy enterprise UGI Corporation that employs app. 80 employees. The company headquarter is placed in Viby, Denmark.

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