PWT Group uses InfoSuite for procurement, stock and store management.

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PWT Group, which covers brands such as Lindbergh and JUNK de LUXE among others, uses InfoSuite for procurement, stock and store management.

“We experience a financial benefit by being able to get a quick overview of budget deviations in all areas of our business, even at product level”, says Mark Jensen, Business Developer at PWT Group.

New structure necessitated a better overview

Due to reorganisations at PWT Group, the need for a better overview of the business increased. “Previously, each chain was responsible for purchasing through smaller purchasing managers or regional managers, who performed the task”, Mark explains.

“We carried out the reorganisations, meaning that we took tasks away from the chains and created a centralised purchasing function. But in order to do this, we needed a better overview and a tool to manage our budgeting and purchasing processes, which created a demand for more than just spread sheets.”

PWT Group already used InfoSuite as a reporting tool, and therefore it was natural to use InfoSuite’s budget module.

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Faster and clearer budgeting

“First and foremost it has had the consequence that we can undertake the budgeting process much faster than earlier, and it has become much clearer and easier. The entry that we do in the budget module can immediately be seen in our analyses and therefore we can easily get a quick overview of the consequences of our budgets.”

”Previously it was difficult to see how the different purchases were affected, or what was affected the most. Now we clearly see exactly what consequences changes in our budget have.”

“The greatest benefit lies in the much faster budgeting processes. We use less manual hours and resources on budgeting. We have also experienced substantial advantages through simulations where we compare our actual purchase to the budget. By doing that we can see all deviations on store level, supplier level and product line level, whereby we can identify potential discrepancies.”

Wholesale analyses and budgets

PWT Group’s wholesale business, Texman, also utilises InfoSuite for sales, finance and procurement analyses.

“We have also started on further development of our wholesale budgets. To begin with we have made some very simple sales budgets”, says Michael Sørensen, IT Support at Texman I/S.

About PWT Group

PWT Group is a Danish textile company headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark. PWT Group is the company behind the two menswear chains, Tøjeksperten and Wagner, and the wholesale company, Texman, that operates a range of different fashion brands.

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