Niebuhr Gears

Niebuhr Gears, manufacturer of gear wheels, uses InfoSuite for analysis of sales and production, as well as for entry of budgets.

Financial reporting

One of the reasons for acquiring InfoSuite was for us to be able to make financial statements within separate areas of operation.”

“The option to divide financial statements has been extremely valuable to us. That has allowed us to see the entire Profit and Loss statement down to ’before taxes’ in areas that prior to InfoSuite could not be divided. Being able to do that, allows us to start acting accordingly.”

“We will continue to implement this, also in Budgeting, and we make separate statements for each area, which are reported to the management board on a monthly basis.”

Sales analyses

We have been able to establish a connection between sales and production, which is actually not an obvious thing for us to do, as we normally produce the item, place it in stock and then sell it.”

“The combination of production and sales data gives us a true view of the contribution margin on customers. And it is a great tool when looking at customer profitability as well.”

Manufacturing monitoring

“Production managers use InfoSuite to monitor financial costing. Machines and departments in production are included, as well as time sheets for the staff.”

“We can now monitor key performance indicators for staff efficiency, group efficiency and the efficiency of each department in production and hereby see the areas that can be improved.”

The value of InfoSuite

“There is especially one area where InfoSuite makes a significant difference in our daily business; it allows us to go from a high level of detail to a very low level in just a few clicks.”

“Employees can see the holistic image, but they also have the opportunity to go deeper into the details without having to make separate analyses. Consequently, more employees request functions adapted to their field of business.”

The partnership with InfoSuite

“The partnership with InfoSuite has worked very well, both in the project phase as well as afterwards. During the project phase, everything was delivered on time and at the agreed price.”

“Subsequently, we have cooperated with InfoSuite for elaboration of reports etc. and the relationship has worked very well. We choose to use InfoSuite as a partner as they show great understanding of our business and for the analysis opportunities we want to be presented to.”

About Niebuhr Gears

Niebuhr Gears is a globally oriented manufacturer of gear wheels. Niebuhr Gears is a globally oriented manufacturer of gears. Niebuhr Gears services customers in Europe, the USA and Asia. Manufacturing takes place at our domicile in Denmark and at our subsidiary in China, which was established in 2010.

Niebuhr Gears was founded in 1972 by engineer Frank Niebuhr, and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012.