Niebuhr Gears uses InfoSuite for monitoring sales and manufacturing as well as for budget entry

“InfoSuite enriches our everyday life by letting us move from a high level of detail down to the lowest level in just a few clicks.”

Monitoring production

“The production managers use it for cost accounting. They check how things are progressing – all machines and departments in the production are included as well as timestamping of our employees.”

“That allows us to look at key indicators showing efficiency for employees, group, and the individual department in the production. Hereby, we can easily spot opportunities for improvement.”

In this solution:

Business Intelligence


Financial reporting

“One of the reasons for investing in InfoSuite was the wish to create financial statements for individual operations.”

“What has been especially valuable for us is to split some accounts which are actually in one Navision account statement. In this way we can go over the entire P&L statement down to ’before tax’ in areas we could not split up earlier. Being able to do this has great value for the business, allowing us to act accordingly.”

“We continue this implementation, also in Budget and for each area we make separate account statements that are reported to the management each month.”

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Sales analyses

“First of all, we have established links between our sales and the production, which is special as we produce first, then place the item into stock, and finally sell it.”

“This combination of production and sales gives us a very precise overview of the contribution margin of the individual customers. It is a very useful tool for analysing customer profitability as well as prices.”

The value of InfoSuite

“Where InfoSuite enriches our daily operations the most is by taking us from a very high level of detail down to a very low level in just a few clicks.”

“Employees get the holistic overview, and they can dig down into the details directly from the desk – no need for separate analyses etc. This results in more requests for customised functions suitable for individual business area.”

“It will definitely grow within the years to come, as we are now ready to spread it out to new areas.”

Cooperating with InfoSuite

“The cooperation, both in the project phase and after, has worked very well. We got what was requested within the timeframe and at the price agreed.”

“Subsequently, we have used InfoSuite for elaborating reports which has worked very well. We have chosen InfoSuite as our partner due to their good sense of our business and to the analysis opportunities they provide.”

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About Niebuhr Gears A/S

Niebuhr Gears A/S is a globally oriented producer of gears. Niebuhr Gears provides service to customers in Europe, USA, and Asia. Production takes place both in the main quarter in Denmark as well as with the subsidiary company in China which was established in 2010.

Niebuhr Gears was established in 1972 by engineer Frank Niebuhr and could celebrate its 40 years anniversary in 2012.

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