Energi Viborg

Energi Viborg has invested in a Business Intelligence-solution from InfoSuite in order to give its employees and managers easily available tools that support the company’s vision to provide its customers with a secure, stabile supply all hours of the year at the lowest possible price.

Specifically, InfoSuite will provide employees and management at Energi Viborg with easy access to the right knowledge.

Important base for decisionmaking

CFO Mette Urup, sees InfoSuite as a valuable investment in a time where Energi Viborg is in the middle of a larger, internal process:

“At Energi Viborg, we are in the process of breaking our vison, mission and values in the individual companies and departments down into usable KPIs that can support the individual department in the follow-up on specific targets. In that connection, Energi Viborg wants to power the process and use the many opportunities a Management Information System like InfoSuite offers. We see InfoSuite as an important tool in supporting our efforts to continuously improve, so we maintain our focus”.

InfoSuite as a business partner

Regarding the collaboration with InfoSuite, Mette Urup states, “We know InfoSuite as a business partner that listens and is capable of understanding the customer’s needs. A good partner in a process where we do not know the end goal but have a vision to develop relevant and usable KPIs on time”.

InfoSuite is very focused on the utility sector and in that connection we have set up a team, which focuses on improving the BI-solution for utility companies.

Criteria for choosing InfoSuite

The following criteria for success were decisive for Energi Viborg in choosing InfoSuite as their BI-system:

  • Extensive knowledge of the industry and experience with the implementation of Business Intelligence in a utility company

  • User-friendly and intuitive presentation tool – easy and simple to use

  • Short-term implementation plan – detailed plan ready from day one

  • The solution must be scalable as well as expandable with data from administration and industry systems

  • Competent feedback – InfoSuite offers competent feedback based on Energi Viborg’s needs

  • Financially advantageous solution in regards to both initial cost and operational costs

About Energi Viborg

Energi Viborg is a multi-utility company that delivers utility services for residences and companies in electricity, water and wastewater. Furthermore, Energi Viborg produces heat and handles the operation of streetlights and traffic lights in Viborg Municipality.