Access to analyses through browsers and as a widget

Access InfoSuite analyses in a browser or as an embedded widget in CRM, mail systems, and other commonly used programs.

Indlejret BI

Access InfoSuite in your browser

The InfoSuite Web Server module allows you to reach InfoSuite BI from any browser, which provides a quick and easy access to the most vital analyses.

This, for instance, enables you to present valuable information through active analyses on the company intranet.

Through this browser access, it is thus easier to reach employees who usually do not have access to organisational analysis tools.

Access InfoSuite in other programs

The Web Server module allows you to embedd InfoSuite BI as a widget in your other programs.

This means that you can embedd active analyses in a number of your daily programs, such as intranet portals, CRM, mail programs, presentation programs like PowerPoint and much more.

You and your colleages are thus constantly updated on the performance of the company, even when operating in your own mail system or the like.

Would you like to learn more?

If you wish to learn more about InfoSuite BI and the opportunities with the Web Server module, please contact one of our local partners for more information.