Flexible management of user profiles

With InfoSuites user authorisation setup you will get an effective and flexible control of information and functionalities available for each individual user.


Information and features tailored for each user

In InfoSuite, access to information is controlled by a highly flexible authorisation system. Consequently, the individual user only sees the analyses, key performance indicators and dashboards that are of relevance.

In addition to this, functionality can also be limited, so that the user only has access to relevant functions.

Information and functionality, is thus, tailored to the need of the individual user. That is Business Intelligence at its best.

Different user types to match different needs

InfoSuite comes with different user types – ranging from Administrators who has full functionality and set-up rights to Viewers who has access to limited and simplified functions.

The user interface differs according to user type and displays only the functionality authorised for each. This makes the solution scalable, and highly customisable – giving each user the best possible user experience.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about InfoSuite BI, then please contact one of our local partners or download a free demo and try InfoSuite for yourself.