Precise and effective sales budget with InfoSuite

The sales budget is a vital tool presenting a total overview of the expected income. InfoSuite Budget provides efficient access to entry of the company sales budget in combination with a number of clever functions and calculations.

Simple entry of your sales budget

With InfoSuite Budget, entry of your sales budget has never been easier. You can enter figures at top level and automatically distribute them to lower levels. Alternatively, you can enter at lower levels and automatically add up to totals.

You enter the budget in a predefined draft to match your exact needs. Authorisation control and text notes can be attached to the budget entry, making it easy for the individual employee to see where to make the entry. At the same time, it allows you to keep track of the defined prerequisites.

Decentralised sales budgeting

Decentralisation of budgeting is simple and allows for everyone with a budget to enter within his or her specific area. Each seller hereby only sees own customers.

Once the individual seller approves and saves his own sales budget, all budgets are automatically collected and joined in one total budget.

Automatic consolidation removes the trouble of collecting individual budget spreadsheets and eliminates the errors that may occur in the manual process. In addition to this, continuous budgeting and more budget versions are easily made.

Enter sales budgets at any level

Enter sales budgets at any level you wish – seller level, product level, customer level etc. Predefined budget paths ensure that entered values total correctly, irrespective of the entry level.

InfoSuite also provides a unique opportunity to create an alternative budget path in the sales budget, which means that you can change the budget path and still maintain the automatic allocation. Instead of budgeting in a path ”seller, product group and customer ID”, you can reverse the path making your budget path ”product group, customer ID and seller”.

Use last years’ figures as basis

During entry of the budget, support functions such as calculator, residual budgeting and allocation keys are accessible and will facilitate the process.

Actual figures are loaded automatically and using historic data thus provide a solid basis for the sales budget.

When entering budget figures for the year, the entries are automatically allocated to the individual months using an allocation key defined to match your business perfectly. Sales budgets entered on a monthly basis allow you to control exactly how figures are allocated.

Finance under control

Combine the sales budget with InfoSuite BI for finance and get an overview of books, balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, and A/R and A/P analyses.

Preparation of financial reports and analyses is quick and simple. Individual items easily expand and thus reveal transaction levels in detail.