7 reasons why you should love your dashboards

Okay, if you are still not all into the idea of the much talked about dashboards, then it is about time.

We, at InfoSuite, are completely over the moon about Business Intelligent analyses, and we really love our dashboards – and you should, too! “And why is that?”, you may think. We have collected 7 good reasons why right here.

1. Your data is collected in one place

The most important reason for loving your dashboard is that you no longer must investigate all your CRM systems and employee’s sheets of recorded hours – the dashboard has already collected all your data in one place!

2. Instant overview

First of all, the dashboard is your way to instant overview of your data. It visualises your Business Intelligence system, making it easy for you to present the broad overview of the day! The dashboard holds exactly and only the data you decide.

3. Always up to date!

The dashboard is fantastic, as you are free to decide how often your data should be updated! You can update once, 5, or 40 times a day, if you like. That will keep you updated with the correct data.

4. Instant access

Access your dashboard from any device. Are you on the road? Then check it on your phone. Or open it on you iPad before meeting with the management.

5. You communicate with identical reference

When you and your colleagues always have the dashboard handy, you avoid miscommunication. You are certain to base conversation on the same figures and results – ensuring instant feedback.

6. The dashboard is also your planner

Your dashboard is not only your overview, but also your planner. When starting with the overview of the day or week, it becomes easy to allocate your resources to the right focus areas.

7. You know where to find the explanation

The best part of your dashboard is of course, that you know for sure that your data is correct and exactly where it originates from. When you need to elaborate on your dashboard or to dig into the dataset, you simply open the analyses behind, which – of course – also can be found in your Business Intelligence system. This gives you the opportunity to check up on your data whenever you feel like it!

So come on, what are you waiting for? Both your business and the daily operation will benefit from a Business Intelligence system with customised dashboards! We know for sure that we would not be without them.

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