Business Intelligence for retail

Get an indispensable insight into your retail business with a BI solution for retail – a complete plug-and-play solution including a wide range of retail analyses, dashboards and KPIs.

Optimise the sales in your stores

  • Ready-to-use analyses and KPIs
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Analyse store performance, sales KPIs etc.
  • Compile data from all data sources in the company

A unique insight into profitability, store performance and much more…

Do you have the complete overview of the profitability of your product range, your daily operations and your individual stores or do you merely rely on gut feelings and guesswork?

InfoSuite BI for retail gives you the complete overview of all the parameters which are so crucial within retail – so that you can increase your earnings through well-founded decisions.

With the overview provided by InfoSuite you can among other things optimise your sales, minimise your stock, control pricing and improve your company’s overall profit performance across channels. InfoSuite also gives you a unique insight into consumer demand so that order, production and delivery schedules can be aligned to it.

The solution contains a range of retail analyses, for example:

  • Analysis of basket size, hitrate and overall store performance
  • Benchmarking of stores, departments and sales clerks
  • Scanner data analysis and follow-up on campaigns and loyalty programs
  • Analysis of e-commerce and webshop traffic
  • Stock analyses, such as age divided inventory, value and cover
  • Analysis of throughput sales and development in unit price
  • Open-to-buy and cash flow analysis

Overview across all data sources

InfoSuite collects data automatically from your POS and ERP system and gathers it into one overall analysis platform.

This gives you an infinite number of analysis possibilities and ways to explore your data – converting it into valuable information.

InfoSuite allows you to analyse for example turnover, contribution margin or stock value from many different angles such as per item group, item number, style, collection, season, supplier and campaign. The unique possibility to operate across all time periods also allows for detailed analyses of the development over time.

Do you want a closer look at the industry solution for Retail as well as the possibilities it holds? Then contact one of our local partners for more information.

Keep track of your finances

Combine your business analyses with InfoSuite BI for Finance and get an overview of accounts, balance, P&L statements as well as debtors and creditors

With InfoSuite your financial acounts and analyses are created and updated fast and easy, and you can dive into specific entries and have a closer look at transaction levels and the like.

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Easy budgeting

By combining your BI solution with InfoSuite’s budget module you can enter budgets and forecasts directly into your solution.

With InfoSuite Budget you get a time saving forecasting and budgeting procedure that can be safely allocated to the persons responsible for their part of the business. InfoSuite Budget manages all decomposition and allocation, allowing you to instantly see the consequences of your budget on all levels.

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