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What is forecasting?

A forecast is a prognosis for the future of a company for a given period and within a specific area. The insight you get from a forecast may for example be used for development of business strategies, to make financial decisions and adapt the activities of the company.

In a forecasting process it is necessary to extract and analyse business date in order to see reality as is was in the past. Using this a basis, you can make qualified guesses as to, what the future of your business looks like.

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InfoSuite guarantees qualified forecasts
based on data

In order to make precise forecasts that can be used as foundation for budgets and decisions, you need to have accurate and valid data. But that may be difficult to get from a spreadsheet. First of all, your data rapidly become obsolete, which make them practically useless when it comes to predicting the future. Secondly, your data do not take unforeseen events into account.

That is why you need a tool like InfoSuite, which automatically updates your continuous forecast with new data, letting you run your company with due care.

Accurate forecasting for the entire business

Whether you need forecast for cash-flow, sales, or production, InfoSuite can give you accurate predictions. You can extract all relevant data into the tool and give you an accurate basis for creating forecasts.

You can not only make detailed forecasts in specific business areas, you can also collect them in one total forecast for the company where the different forecasts are connected and automatically adjusted across the business.

This will guarantee a high level of adaptability in your organisation and provide for making good decisions.