BI for food companies

Analyse important data across production, stock, procurement, sales and finances – all via a Business Intelligence solution tailored for the food industry.

Optimise processes and improve earnings

Trade, customer and regulatory requirements are many in the food industry. Similarly, manufacturing performance, inventory management, cost efficiency and sales performance are probably high on your priority list.

The proper data analysis can help create extremely valuable insights and a strong basis for handling many of these tasks and making the right decisions based on facts.

With InfoSuite, it is easy to retrieve and analyse your data across the entire business. You get access to a wide range of business-critical analysis that lets you spot trends, optimise business processes and increase your earnings.

Haribo bruger InfoSuite Business Intelligence

Haribo has collected information in one place

More than 15 years ago, Haribo started using the InfoSuite BI tool for analysis of the sale of sweets in shops. Now, InfoSuite is implemented for several purposes throughout the business areas in order to strengthen sales and save time in the daily operations.

Read the entire case here.

Optimise production performance and minimise waste

For food producing companies, it is essential to have all aspects of the production process under control – forecasts, plans, reports, follow-up, productivity, and so on.

With InfoSuite, you get the necessary overview of all important data that are relevant to your production performance, making it easier to make informed decisions.

The solution is based, among other things, on requirements expressed by our existing customers in the food industry, and the most essential aspect of LEAN’s philosophy – minimising waste.

Through an effective combination of analyses based on planned and realised numbers, you can achieve valuable insights in a number of areas such as:

  • How is our capacity and what production orders do we have?
  • How does the individual production worker perform?
  • What is the time spent in the production processes and can it be optimised?
  • How is our consumption of raw materials for finished goods?
  • Hvordan er vores forbrug af ingredienser til færdigvarer?

Monitor your sales performance

With InfoSuite, you can examine all aspects of your sale; from the sales team performance and the company’s order situation to sales trends at product level and your customer’s buying behaviour.

You can analyse sales based on item level, item group level, seller, geography and many other dimensions depending on what is most important to you in terms of measuring performance.

Analyses can be made for any given interval of time and from relevant metrics such as sales value or earnings, so you can make comparisons based on just the degree of detail you want.

In the video on the right, you can see a small sample of the prepared sales analyses and KPIs you get in InfoSuite BI.

Analyse your customers

InfoSuite gives you an extremely valuable overview of your customers, while also making it easy to control your order and order flow.

You can follow up on invoices, delivery times, security of supply, returns and credit notes – all with the customer’s best interest in focus. You will gain a valuable insight into which customers and products are the most profitable for your business – and which ones are not!

You can, among other things, get answers to questions like:

  • What do our top 50 customers purchase?
  • How does the individual customer’s purchases spread over the year?
  • Which customers are dropping or have completely stopped buying?

Monitor your suppliers and optimise inventory management

Proper handling of suppliers is the key to quality and cost minimization for many companies in the food industry. However, it can be difficult to obtain a complete overview of quality and security of supply from your suppliers and subcontractors.

With InfoSuite BI, it becomes easier for you to keep track of all your relation of contracts, creating an important basis for optimizations and streamlining. For example, you get a better insight into:

  • Which items are ordered and which are delivered?
  • How is the security of supply and which deliveries are delayed?
  • How are the actual cost prices compared to the estimates?
  • How has the ability to supply of the individual supplier evolved over time?

With InfoSuite BI, you can analyse products and product groups from a variety of angles and ensure that your business has the right inventory.

In addition to a detailed insight into the stock value, you can also get a clear picture of the goods turnover rate, critical inventory, and how many days the current stock will cover based on a given sale.

Likewise, you have the opportunity to get insight into how many units are in order and get a full overview of all the inventory movements for a given period of time, which you define. At the same time, it becomes easier to manage goods that need to be handled differently depending on consumption patterns, seasonality, unit value, collection-based goods, etc.

Keep track of your finances

Combine your business analyses with InfoSuite BI for Finance and get an overview of accounts, balance, P&L statements as well as debtors and creditors.

With InfoSuite your financial accounts and analyses are created and updated fast and easy, and you can dive into specific entries and have a closer look at transaction levels and the like.

Learn more about InfoSuite BI for Finance.