How InfoSuite serves as Tytex’ primary management tool.

Et billede fra Tytex' produktion

Connection between strategy, follow-up, analysis and budgeting is the combination that InfoSuite provides to Tytex in the form of an intelligent solution with a great overview.

Tytex uses InfoSuite in many different aspects of their business such as for follow-up on sale and manufacturing and for budgeting. Thus, InfoSuite serves as Tytex’ primary management tool.

Fast and trustworthy analyses

”We use InfoSuite in the daily sales work. Besides from that, InfoSuite is also used by the management in Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Slovakia, USA and Thailand. We use it in our manufacturing as well. InfoSuite gives us fast and reliable analyses – and it is essential that we can trust the numbers”, Henrik Buur Nielsen, CFO at Tytex, explains.

“In 2001 we bought our first InfoSuite module, and after that we were able to influence the development of different InfoSuite modules. Based on our satisfaction with InfoSuite, we have therefore expanded our solution with, among other things, the Report Distribution module and the Budgeting module.”

“With InfoSuite, the structure is in place. We setup analyses exactly like we want to. InfoSuite not only provides us with important information about the developments in sale – it is also our primary management tool”, says Henrik Buur Nielsen.

Easy and time-saving budgeting

“In 2010 we started using InfoSuite Budget. Prior to this, we entered our budgets into Excel spread sheets and then implemented them in our ERP system. But with InfoSuite we enter our budgets directly into the InfoSuite client, which our employees already know and are familiar with. The system is very easy to use. Once the numbers have been entered, they can be seen in the actual analyses, and we can then see our expected future sales.”

“One of the time saving features in the InfoSuite Budget module is that you can make a distribution based on historical numbers, such as those from last years’ turnover. This is done automatically, and subsequently you can correct the necessary posts. This historical distribution can be made all the way down to item number, which gives an incredibly detailed, but also fast and easy, budgeting procedure. Similarly, budget follow-up has become totally stringent, and all deviations are easy to spot.”

About Tytex

Tytex A/S develops, produces and sells textiles for special medical needs ranging from post-op care to incontinence and maternity care. The products are sold in Europe and North America and the customer base consists of large OEM-producers and distributors to the health sector.

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