The Family Butchers

A problem solver in various business areas

Kemper, now known as The Family Butchers, is a fifth-generation family business that produces high quality meat and sausage products. The Family Butchers would like to continue developing creative product solutions by combining traditional and modern.

The Family Butchers became a costumer of InfoSuite Consulting Paderborn in 2019, when they still were operating as “Kemper”.

In the meantime, Kemper has joined forces with Reinert, also known as a long-standing family business in the industry, to form a joint company under the name TFB “The Family Butchers”.

The new company strives for an outstanding role in the industry as a cost and innovation leader and sees itself as a driving force in the change process of the meat and sausage industry.

“The reports are automatically distributed through e-mail and consist of two pages, where the first page has graphic elements which shows the development within different key figures illustrated by speedometers and gives an immediate overview. Green is good and yellow figures should be monitored, while red figures are undesirable. The second page of the report consists of more accurate tables and measures results against e.g. last year, the budget or last month”.

The Kemper solution

We asked Mr. Thorsten Becker, Head of Controlling at Kemper for 18 years, what type of InfoSuite solution they received from Kemper.

“Our company uses InfoSuite in various business areas. In management, for example, we use it as the basis for better decisions. It is also used in our controlling and sales departments,” explains Thorsten Becker.

“Our sales department uses InfoSuite as a support tool for preparing new offers and preparing customer meetings. In the controlling department, it is used for breakeven analysis, ”says Thorsten Becker.

A key feature of InfoSuite is that it works as a comprehensive business solution that works across departments and users.

Problem solver

“InfoSuite is a problem solver because it doesn’t require a lot of IT background knowledge to create flexible analyzes very quickly. Especially when you compare it to the static reporting of other software, ”says Thorsten Becker.

InfoSuite is an important tool for the analysis of SAP’s business figures by the specialist departments based on the processed data in the InfoSuite OLAP database. The InfoSuite OLAP database is loaded from SAP extract tables and copied into SAP master data tables.

Why InfoSuite?

“The cooperation with InfoSuite Consulting Paderborn oHG is very good. Of particular note are the fast response times and the in-depth understanding of our operational processes, as well as the quick implementation of the requirements, ”says Thorsten Becker.

In all of our collaboration, it is important to discuss the expectations and business goals that our customers want to meet with the InfoSuite solution. Mr. Becker said: “The expectations in terms of content are fully covered and the budget is also very manageable”. He continues: “The configuration and productive commissioning of InfoSuite Budget is planned for the next few weeks with the target numbers for 2020.”

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