PR electronics gets stability, security and operationel reliability with InfoSuite.

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When PR electronics chose to implement InfoSuite for a budgeting tool, they were stuck in a bulky and fragile spreadsheet solution that was difficult to administrate.

”We were forced to use a 10 pages manual telling us what to do and in which order” Flemming Hjerrild Kristensen remembers. He is the Business Intelligence Manager at PR electronics.

The switch to InfoSuite has saved PR electronics a lot of time, inconvenience, and manual procedures, and Flemming Kristensen estimates that prior to InfoSuite they would spend 15 times as much hours preparing and administrating their budgets.

”Budgeting in InfoSuite is significantly faster than in our old spreadsheet solution. We can now also define relations between the budgets – and it can be made automatically. That is very time saving for us”, says Flemming Kristensen.

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Who is PR electronics?

PR electronics designs and produces signal conditioning devices for the process industry. It is a family-owned company founded in 1974, with a strong position nationally as well as globally. The company has 9 subsidiaries and more than 40 distributors worldwide. They are well-known for their high precision technology – produced in Denmark – benefitting more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

A lasting and flexible solution

PR electronics looked at 3-4 different solutions, but more factors were crucial when making the final decision to select InfoSuite:

”You supply your own software, and the system can be customized to match our exact needs. Likewise, it was essential to us that your budgeting solution has been on the marked for many years and thereby shows a certain degree of durability and operational reliability”, says Flemming Kristensen.

The teamwork with InfoSuite runs smoothly, and Flemming Kristensen particularly emphasises the qualifications and knowledge of the assigned InfoSuite consultant: ”He has a fundamental knowledge about the product and he knows what is possible and what it takes. The direct contact to him has been essential, especially at the beginning, before we really got to know InfoSuite”.

The PR electronics InfoSuite solution:

PR electronics uses InfoSuite for their annual budget planning, where the entire annual budget roll typically starts in April for the over 70 InfoSuite users. In addition to the corporate budget, they also make budgets for payroll, investment, sales, P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow for each individual subsidiary. Each seller also makes their own sales budgets.

Solid tool for budgeting

By using InfoSuite for budgeting, PR electronics have optimised the administrative operations. It has become easy and clear to those making the budgets, and Flemming Kristensen concludes that ”InfoSuite is a solid tool for budgeting which creates a high level of correlation between our budgets. Now everything merges automatically, and we no longer need separate spreadsheets that require maintenance. That is effective and time saving for us”.

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