Haribo has been using InfoSuite for more than 15 years

”We use InfoSuite in almost every business area. InfoSuite is very time saving to us.”

Haribo has been using InfoSuite for more than 15 years. Today, the BI tool works as central element for information across markets and business areas.

InfoSuite presents the confectionary manufacturer with detail information about customers’ purchase of Gold Bears, Happy Cola etc. That supports the entire sales process and leads the way to the optimum sales.

Business insights in one place

”We use InfoSuite in almost every business area, including sales, purchase, production, planning, controlling and finance.” Haribo IT Manager, Anders Bloch, explains how InfoSuite has become an essential tool for the Danish manufacturer of confectionary.

Haribo collects and analyse data from five different markets through InfoSuite, which is a great advantage, according to Anders Bloch:

”Gathering all analyses in one environment makes it a lot easier, and allows us to analyse across the entire business. And it gives us a very valuable insight.”

Time savings and valid analyses

Anders Bloch points out two very important advantages for Haribo in their use of InfoSuite:

”InfoSuite is very time saving to us. Earlier, we spent time on gathering spreadsheets with reports for the management. Now, the same reports are accessible in InfoSuite and they are constantly up to date. We avoid a lot of trouble with SQL and query extracts.”

”And we do not only save time; by now the users can make analyses across the system, and we are certain that they always have the correct data. InfoSuite is a greatly improved reporting and verification tool that saves us much time.”

Sales-, procurement- and production analyses

In the sales departments at Haribo, InfoSuite is – among other things – used for finding deviations in sales and evaluate whether extraordinary precautions must be made for specific customers. At the same time, customers can be updated with detailed information about the development in their purchase of Haribo products.

”We especially use InfoSuite in sales, and it gives us the opportunity to analyse our sales data from different perspectives”, Anders Bloch explains.

InfoSuite is also used for in-depth analysis of procurement- and production data:

”All purchase orders etc. are collected in InfoSuite. Here we have all information about the vendor, which gives us a good view of the order situation. We also use InfoSuite for analysis of our production orders, and for follow up on a number of areas, such as machine time, load, raw materials consumed, time and much more. ”

Long-term partnership with InfoSuite

The consultants at InfoSuite have had a long-term partnership with Haribo, which has worked very well according to Anders Bloch:

”I have been extremely satisfied with the partnership with InfoSuite and the high level of service they provide. They have a great understanding of our business. Consequently, I have been able to assign more tasks concerning expanding the solution by using the consultants from InfoSuite, as they possess the required knowledge to solve the job.”

About Haribo

Haribo is one of the largest suppliers of confectionary in Denmark. The Haribo headquarters is located in Faxe, Denmark with subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The subsidiary companies primarily operate as sales companies and are supplied with products from the factory in Faxe.

Haribo occupies several thousand employees and are known for products like Maoam, Click Mix and many more.

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