Fredercia Furniture uses InfoSuite for a daily follow-up.

Et billede af et sofa-arrangement.

The furniture company, Fredericia Furniture, uses InfoSuite for a daily follow-up on their order book and turnover and for efficient distribution of knowledge across the organisation.

InfoSuite also allows them to make dynamic measurements of the security of supply. This gives them the opportunity to follow up on a daily basis – with up-to-date figures.

Daily follow-up on the order volume

InfoSuite provides Fredericia Furniture with a clear view of data at the exact level of detail relevant in the current situation.

”We primarily use InfoSuite for the daily follow-up on our order book and turnover, and as a management tool for generating sales and budget reports. In addition to this, we use it for different ad hoc sales analyses concerning the range of our products.

We also use reports from InfoSuite for our board meetings to support financial considerations”, says Chief Financial Officer, Flemming Bisbjerg.

Et billede af forskellige materialeprøver fra Fredericia Furniture

Quick access to important information

“With InfoSuite we have a clear view of the numerous variants in our product range. This means that we can have one complete view of the consumption of fabric types, wood species, surfacing, etc. It is an ad hoc tool allowing us to access the information promptly when needed”, Flemming Bisbjerg says.

“One of Fredericia Furniture’s main priorities is security of supply and we have always made statistics to analyse this. Now, InfoSuite allows us to make dynamic measurements of the security of supply. That gives us the opportunity to follow up on a daily basis – with up-to-date figures“, Flemming Bisbjerg explains.

ERP template for NAV

”Ealier, we used to print different statistics from our ERP-system, Navision, and enter the data into a spreadsheet. We used that as a basis for further calculations until we reached the level of detail relevant. It is needless to say that the process was extremely resourceful and time consuming – and with a huge risk of errors”, Flemming Bisbjerg explains.

“It appealed to us that InfoSuite already includes a number of standard templates, ready to be used instantly.”

About Fredericia Furniture

Fredericia Furniture A/S was founded in 1911 under the name “Fredericia Stolefabrik” and has since then created furniture with an exceptional idea and personality. With furniture designed by Børge Mogensen and Nanna Ditzel among others, Fredericia Furniture represents some of the best known design classics from Denmark. Today, Fredericia Furniture has around 40 employees in Fredericia. Untill 2008 the company had own production but a fast developing technology and changes in the market made outsourcing the best choice.

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