InfoSuite budget monitoring reaches new levels at Carl J. Nielsen.

”The entire process of monitoring our budgets is much faster.”

A growing business with the desire for improved opportunities to monitor the business financial status was back in 2017 the reason for Carl J. Nielsen to search the market for solutions. ”It was essential that InfoSuite could integrate with our ERP system, and it appealed to us that the solution included standard templates, so we did not have to create new analyses from scratch every time”, says Christian Hay Linde, seller at Carl J. Nielsen.

In this solution:

Business Intelligence

Who is Carl J. Nielsen A/S?

Carl J. Nielsen is a family-owned business supplying spice and auxiliary material blends for the food industry. The products are manufactured in Carl J. Nielsen’s own development department, and is made in interaction with their customers, which makes it possible to create unique flavours and designs.

The company started as a grocery store in Randers back in 1923 and is now run by the 3rd generation of the Nilsen family. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly, and today employs 29 people and exports its products to several countries.

Avoids major part of the manual processing

Today, Carl J. Nielsen avoids the manual processing in bulky spreadsheets with figures from the ERP system, which facilitates the process.

According to Christian Hay Linde, the use of InfoSuite has made budget monitoring much easier: ”The entire process of monitoring our budgets is much faster, and in very short time we have a complete overview of our business. We have instant access to our sales statistics, which allows us to effectively spot purchase patterns and meet the requests of our customers”.

About the solution:

Carl J. Nielsen uses InfoSuite for sales reporting and budgeting, and they monitor turnover figures via dashboards, reports, and analyses that are all based on the standard templates included in an InfoSuite solution. Each year before the turn of the year, Carl J. Nielsen prepares the sales budget for the following year in InfoSuite, and they monitor turnover figures daily. This is an essential tool for the sellers, who can instantly see if the turnover remains on track.

A cooperation running smoothly

When the sellers at Carl J. Nielsen need to discuss certain functions in InfoSuite, it is nice to have a permanent consultant, who is easy to get in touch with and who knows their business. ”We have a fantastic cooperation – it just runs smoothly. Response time is short, and our issues are solved promptly, allowing us to move on. At the same time there is a high level of transparency if our consultant needs more time to execute the task. Consequently, we can always count on the time horizon stated, which means a lot to us”, says Christian Hay Linde.

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