KPI: Monitor your key figures with InfoSuite.

KPIs helps you and your colleagues monitoring relevant key figures.

Through the intuitive and intelligent KPIs in InfoSuite you will get a quick snapshot of the current state, thereby making it easier for you to act in case of deviations.

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Benefits from using KPIs

KPIs – Key Performance Indicators – makes it easy for you to visualise and monitor your focus areas and key figures. Among other things, a KPI can:

  • Create transparency in the organisation

  • Clarify organisational goals

  • Improve communication and performance feedback

  • Motivate and increase productivity

  • Facilitate benchmarking across of employees, departments and the like

Move forward with a constant focus

For all key figures you can set goals and critical values – and through illustrative icons or smileys you are notified about the current state of performance. This makes it easy to take the temperature of your business and see how close you are to your goals.

You can also transform each KPI into visual speedometers or gauges – offering you a highly intuitive and easy understandable way of monitoring your focus areas.

Save time with automatic alerts

For each KPI you can set an automatic alert. In this way the system does the monitoring work for you – and sends you an email in case of deviations through the InfoSuite Report Distribution module.

This gives you instant information and ensures that nothing important escapes your attention.

Based on our experiences from implementing Business Intelligence solutions for a number of industries, we are now also capable of offering industry-specific analysis templates. These templates come with, among other things, ready-made KPIs, that cover a majority of the analysis needs that you might have within your industry.

You can read more about our trade solutions here.

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