Dashboards from InfoSuite provides you with the full view of your business.

Financial consolidation of accounts can be a complex task with several manual processes.

Total overview via dashboards

The optimal view of your organisation is obtained through InfoSuite BI dashboards, which allow you to compile graphs, charts, KPIs, tables etc. in one overall display.

The different elements can be analysed into depth individually while being naturally connected to each other through periods and dimensions.

This gives you one broad overview so that you can easily monitor the performance of your business and see how close you are to your goals.

Visual data is understandable data

InfoSuite dashboards contains many different data visualisation options – including graphs, charts, speedometers, smart-arts and gauges.

This gives you many ways of displaying your data in an intuitive and easy understandable way – making dashboards highly suitable as a means to present and distribute information.

Dig deep for details and activity plans

From tables, charts, gauges etc. you can easily go into more depth to explore details. Specifications all the way down to transaction- and voucher level ensures full control and transparency.

You can also access activity plans to decide the activities to be executed next. This makes it possible to establish one total system for strategic analyses and Performance Management.

Dashboards ready for your industry

Based on our experiences from implementing Business Intelligence solutions for a number of industries, we are now also capable of offering industry-specific analysis templates. These templates come with ready-made dashboards, KPIs, tables and graphs that cover a majority of the analysis needs that you might have within your industry.