Keep the budgeting process on track with workflows.

What is a workflow?

Workflows lead the way to a dynamic and flexible budgeting process. A workflow can be characterised as a process or a procedure, in which different tasks must be executed by one or more employees at different paces. It is an efficient tool creating a total overview of all processes and relations in your budgeting process. A workflow provides total control and overview of the budgeting process from start to finish. You can easily monitor the processes and administer status for registration and entry of budget data, as well as receive notification once registration and entry of the budget data is complete. It also lets you e-mail reminders to the budget administrators, who have not yet started or finished the budget entry.

A workflow lets you stay ahead of the flow and the phases of the budget entry, as well as the connections between the different budgets, which ensures efficient management and follow-up on budgets.

Why is a workflow ingenious?

We are all familiar with the regular and time-consuming processes where information and tasks must be passed on or coordinated across the organisation. It can be a tough and confusing job.

The clever thing about the workflow is that it ensures the internal communication and coordination of tasks. It will instantly tell you if you are on schedule for the budgeting process. Another feature of the workflow is its simplicity, and it creates the necessary overview of the process. You can, at any time, change the individual budget phases directly, if the schedule cannot be met and adjustments thus required. This will give you a visual overview of the progression of the processes and what has been made by the individual budget manager – even before the budget has been finally approved. You also have full control of who needs to accomplish which tasks. That provides overview and control in an otherwise time-consuming and difficult budgeting process.

4 advantages of a workflow

1. A workflow establishes a full overview of the progress of current processes, and a full overview of who does what and when.

2. Standardisation and quality assurance of your procedures.

3. It guarantees smooth internal communication and coordination of tasks across the organisation.

4. The workflow monitors data – such as expiration of deadlines or lack of execution.

Get the visual overview using workflows

The InfoSuite workflow tool is beyond compare the budget manager’s best friend. You can easily, clearly, and effectively set up, monitor, and control your budgeting process. The workflow chart is automatically updated when entries have been approved, and you can send reminder e-mails to employees, who still need to make their entries.

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