InfoSuite supplies BI and Budgeting solutions for Aspect4

Author Sine Mølgaard


Since we started in 1989, we have been developing solutions for the EG ERP system, which makes Aspect4 quite special to InfoSuite.

We are happy to reveal that we have a new and improved integration to Aspect4.

InfoSuite has a long history of integration to Aspect4 – the solid ERP solution from EG. For more than 30 years, we have worked with customers using Aspect4 about solutions for application development, Business Intelligence, and budgeting.

We have now added an integration to Aspect4 Logistics to our ETL motor, which will present strong advantages to Aspect4 businesses.

Easy, quick, and effective Budget and Business Intelligence

With InfoSuite’s solutions for Aspect4, it is easy getting started using a BI tool or a budgeting solution, that handles alternative chart of accounts, group company, and group currency.

We dare to say that no other solution in the market integrates so easily and effectively with Aspect4 as InfoSuite. That provides users of Aspect4 with an alternative to the spreadsheets or the heavy, expensive, and complex BI solutions that many companies with Aspect4 use today.

A major part of the process of integrating and transforming your Aspect4 data has been standardised, which means that it can be presented and processed directly in InfoSuite – for example our analysis packages which are strong and ready-to-use BI solutions for finance, sales/order, and procurement/stock.

We estimate that approximately 80 percent of the integration and transformation of data has already been taken care of. Therefore, we can concentrate on implementing your unique, business specific key indicators, information, and master data, and build analyses, reports, and budget models that match your company requirements.

Standardised processes provide for a less expensive BI solution

Consequently, investing in InfoSuite becomes less expensive to Aspect4 companies.

Generally, when investing in a BI or a databased budgeting solution, development of the actual integration will make up a large part of the investment. It is a huge job, as you or your IT consultant must identify data sources and code the transformation of data to your Data Warehouse.

With our prepared Aspect4 integration you can say goodbye to expensive customised solutions with loads of hours for implementation and development. You can make a shortcut – take the easy way out – and get an efficient BI or budgeting solution at a lower cost.

As we said, we know Aspect4 very well – thanks to our current cooperation with more than 30 companies.

We are well-equipped for advising you, how to gain most value from your Aspect4 data.

Kyocera Unimerco Tooling

The total supplier of tool solutions uses InfoSuite for analysis of Aspect4 data and report management information across the group.

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