Fed up with uphill budgeting processes? Optimise your budgeting with InfoSuite Budget.

InfoSuite Budget automates entry, and the aggregation of your budgets provides intelligent budget proposals based on data.

You get a streamlined budgeting process, allowing you to reduce time on manual entry in spreadsheets. Your budgets become more precise and can therefore be used in the strategic management of your business.

Time to quit the spreadsheets?

Companies usually start budgeting in spreadsheets with the best of intentions; it is easily accessible and comes at low costs. In time, spreadsheets and business often grow in separate directions, and the budgets end up becoming useless as a financial management tool.

Another consequence is that the budget spreadsheets are often drawn up with errors accumulating as the budgets grow and develop. Studies show that up to 60 % of all budget spreadsheets are incorrect.

Many companies would obviously gain great value from implementing a budgeting solution.

Do you know if it is time for you to get rid of the spreadsheets? If not, then read our article with ten signs of when to consider implementing a budgeting tool

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